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Tanda Group briefly  Tanda Group Inc professional staff is dedicated exclusively to Mechanical and Plumbing building systems design. This focused emphasis has enabled the engineering staff to develop expertise in all areas of building technology. Our focus is on building client relationships. Our success is directly related to our ability to understand the goals and needs of our clients from the start and carry that knowledge and service level through project completion. People are the key to our firm's success. Tanda Group Inc engineers demonstrate both technical excellence and the ability to communicate effectively with clients, members of project team, and professional staff. It is this ability to communicate that enables us to design systems to meet client's needs.
What should you expect from your consultant?   Our interest is the same as our client's interest. We can adapt the design to your needs for maximum durability and life expectancy, or design for maximum return on your initial investment and yet meet all the code requirements. Clear insight for the mechanical systems is what sets us apart from other consultants and allows us to steer the design toward your goals.
What can you expect from us before you have awarded the design contract to Tanda Group Inc?  We will help you to stay ahead of the curve. He will provide free initial consultation and review your preliminary drawings for plumbing utility requirements, and the major HVAC equipment for space requirements before you have progressed too far into the architectural design. For City of Los Angeles projects, we will obtain city water pressure and city sewer depth and location, or review your civil drawings so you can plan for major equipment such as water booster pumps or sewage ejectors and sump pumps ahead of time.
How would we communicate with you the intent of design before you start your construction and bid documents?  We will provide you with a set of design development (DD) documents showing the size, capacity and location of the major equipment you will need for your project. Review of the DD documents will show you the major pipe and duct routings and will assist your contractor in developing an initial cost estimate and make revisions prior to the start of the construction set.
What are the typical services we provide during the construction document (CD) phase of the project?  We will review all the information provided by the project design team and inform them of any d iscrepancies between the mechanical design goals with the other design team member's design in progress. We will layout the plumbing systems according to either utility information from city and utility companies, or civil drawings to meet the capacities, depth, locations, and inform the civil engineer of required adjustment. Heating and cooling load calculations will be performed and space requirements for mechanical equipment will be verified with architectural drawings. Acoustical engineer's recommendation will be incorporated into mechanical and plumbing design. Pipe and duct runs will be coordinated with the ceiling plans and structural drawings. Underground structural elements will be shown on plumbing groundwork drawings to avoid costly conflicts. Soils engineer recommendations will be incorporated into plumbing design. Electrical information and cut sheets of equipment will be provided to electrical engineer. Fixture selection and cut sheets will be provided to architect for review and approval.
What is our involvement during the code check phase of the project?  We will follow planning department submittal procedures. We will fill out the applications and provide documents to your office or agent, or directly submit the plans through our office at no additional charge. Submitting plans through our office will expedite your approval process since it will allow us to meet with the code check engineers and any questions which they may have before the code check process gets under way. It will also allow us to contact the code check engineer directly to obtain an status report, answer their comments and avoid any delay and confusions that may occur due to relaying the plan check comments to our office indirectly.
Where would we be during the construction phase of the project?  This is the most exciting part of the process and given the chance we would not miss being involved in it. Most of our projects are usually constructed with minimal or no involvement by our office. We attribute this to the quality of our work and are proud of it. However, there are times that complex scheduling, revisions to contractor's scope of work, or unforeseen field conditions require our presence at the job site. We can assist owners and contractors in finding a cost effective design change, review cost estimates, and establish a fair value for revised construction cost, interpret inspector directives and code requirements, review the installed work deficiencies, prepare final punch list, and review contractor's close out documents.
Growth opportunities, competitive climate and company adaptation potentials:  What makes Tanda Group Inc unique? Professionals at Tanda Group Inc possess all the essential expertise necessary to plan, design and provide post occupancy services for mechanical and sanitary building systems in commercial space and super markets. Years of experience in preparing plans and specifications, plus our hands on experience in construction of such systems enables us to provide for a most cost effective design. The ability of each individual in his or her field to oversee every phase of construction, from planning to final occupancy will create a competitive edge over others. Economists forecast that construction industry will be booming for the next 5 years. However in today's competitive market and difficult construction schedules, the design ideas and concepts need to be transferred from designers mind to electronic drawing files in a more efficient manner. Stringent construction schedules do not leave adequate time for the traditional procedures of generating markups by a senior engineer to be drafted by CAD operators possessing little design skills. Principle engineers at Tanda Group Inc are not only proficient in their field of mechanical and plumbing design, but are also heavily involved in production and drafting tasks. They are some of the first generation engineers that fill the gap between designer and drafter to produce an accurate, cost effective and efficient design documents while meeting the most stringent construction schedules.