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The official home of Autodesk
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mechanical Engineering
Autodesk Trivia Quiz
Autodesk Site Index
AutoMate Corporation
Autodesk Technical Documents
Learn AutoCAD on the Internet
Bob Jones AutoCAD and AutoLISP Page
Directory of /pub/drivers Calcomp
Directory of /pub/AUTO_CAD
DWG conversion programs
SoftSource Plug-Ins
Henry C. Francis' AutoCAD Resources
CADalogWeb File Index
Walter W. Fredrick Assoc.
InstArchives - CAD Resources on the Net
CAD Studio Ltd.
AutoPOL HomePage
AutoLisp Utilities for AUTOCAD
Shareware for AutoCAD (Software Menu)
Yahoo! - :AutoCAD
AutoCode Mechanical's Home Page
The Cobb Group - Home Page
UNSW - AutoCAD Homepage-Tutorial
Autodesk Technical Documents
CADIT Home Page
AutoCAD Tutorial
UNSW - AutoCAD Homepage
Erin Stephens
UCCB Autocad and AutoLISP Center
BTN Better Than Nothing AutoLISP Programs
Autocad Plotter Drivers
Tailoring AutoCAD
WorldCAD Access from XYZ Publishing, Ltd.
AutoCAD Dos/DWG tools
The Autocad Shareware Clearinghouse
Home page of Frans Faase
AndroSoft Home Page
Reini Urban - xarch tu-graz
AutoCAD/AutoLISP info+tools
Other AutoCAD related sites
CADDman's Homepage
Tips and Tricks
Automated Design Systems AutoLISP Routines
AutoCAD Information Center
Academic CAD Sites on the Web
AutoCAD Tutorial
JUMBO DOS Lisp Routines
AutoLISP Resources
Plotting an Autocad Drawing
3DS Modeling
Tony Tanzillo's Home Page
Autodesk Registered Developers - Software Solutions
CADENCE Magazine
WorldCAD Access from XYZ Publishing, Ltd.
Hewlett Packard SupportLine Services
AutoCAD Tips
AutoCAD Tutorial (Text)
Contract CADD Group
Autolisp Routines
Small Autolisp Repository
AutoLISP® Routines
AutoCAD Links
CAD Standard W/ New Format
CAD Layering Standards
Home Page - CAD Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Shareware for AutoCAD (Drivers)
Cut Sheet media sizes
Engineered Design Solutions : Tips, AutoLISP
MicroAge AutoCAD Home Page
AutoCAD Utilities
Todd's CAD Resource Page
CADALYST: Release 14 Central
Canon Europa
Metric Conversion Program for use with AutoCAD
Bilro AutoLISP Routines
Manpower Hot Jobs (AutoCAD)
Don Buschert's AutoCAD Page

Autolisper's Favorites
@CAD+ French Site
Murray Clack's AutoCAD Web Page
Stephen Carr's UltraCAD Homepage
Chas Sweeney's Hatch Patterns
Jerry's CADCAM Pages
Gari's CAD Pages
Autolisp Files Source Location
HyperPics - The AutoCad Customization Specialists
AutoCAD Release 14 Proficiency Test - Webfooters.com
Mechanical Caddy
SAT-Provider of FEA and Design Optimization Solutions for AutoCAD and MD
AfraLISP-The Southern African AutoLISP Website
DotSoft Home Page
The CADapult
Martin Nigg's AutoLISP Page
New World Graphics Index Page
CAD Place