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Tanda Group puts engineering to work

As one of the first consulting engineers to make a commitment to the use of computerized document production technologies, Tanda Group recognized in 1985 that automated drafting technology would play an ever-increasing role in all facets of our industry. We have a continuing commitment to stay at the forefront of these technological advances. Through an aggressive program of hardware, software and technology upgrades, we are able to provide our employees with the necessary tools to make them as creative and productive as possible today, while positioning ourselves to better accommodate future technological progressions. This program allows us to better serve our clients needs, both current and future. AutoCAD 2011, and a library of specialized software for engineering analysis and report making. Full high-speed Internet access allow prompt access to send and receive drawing files, or other pieces of necessary information.

At Tanda Group, we are committed to produce the best product possible, in the most efficient manner possible, utilizing technology to its fullest capability.

Services Offered:

Mechanical engineering:
Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (hvac) systems; energy conservation technology; systems analysis;

Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering:
Sanitary, storm drainage, and disposal; water supply, gas, compressed air, fire suppression, clinical and laboratory services.