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Siamak Zarrindast 
Siamak (Sia) Zarrindast started his Plumbing , HVAC and Fire Protection design career with a commercial plumbing contracting company in 1985. During 9 years of employment with Overland Plumbing Inc. he gained hands on experience with design and installation of plumbing systems from common piping to complex specialty equipment such as fuel oil pumping, acid waste and neutralization equipment, steam to water heat exchangers and condensate return pumping, de-ionized water and reverse osmosis equipment, medical and surgical piping / monitoring and alarm systems. He supervised equipment start up and training owner's agents, obtained final approval and administered contract closeouts. During the 9 year stay with Overland, Siamak preformed in the capacities of a project field engineer, project design engineer, bid & cost estimator, and assisted the legal department in dispute settlements of public projects. His involvement includes projects such as Van Nuys Court House , UCLA Ambulatory Care Complex, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Blair House Condos, and numerous convalescent housings, schools and residential projects.
In 1994 he joined Syska & Hennessy Consulting Engineering firm. During his 4 years of employment with this firm he was responsible for master planning and development of plans, specifications and contract administration of 4 nationally known convention centers with a total of 3.3 million sq. ft. of floor space. His involvement includes projects such as Hawaii Convention Center, San Diego Convention Center, Ontario Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center and several retail and office building projects.
In 1998 Siamak Co-founded Tanda Group Inc. to utilize years of residential and commercial mechanical design and contracting experience. Since 1998 Siamak has supervised and designed over 400 residential and commercial projects. Currently the majority of his projects consist of multi family residential buildings.
Partial list of residential projects:
For Payne Development, LLC Summer Crest Apartment Homes, 51 units, Anaheim. Dairy Villas Apts., 59 units, Corcoran .
For Meta Housing Corp El Dorado St Apt Complex, 60 Unit., Los Angeles.
For MONTAGE DEVELOPMENT Bonner Apartments, 32 Units, Los Angeles. Montage Housing, 38 Unit Planned Development, Los Angeles. Vincennes 80 Unit Apt. Bldg. Los Angeles. Miranda Apartments, 80 Units, Los Angeles. Colodny one, 4 units, Agoura. Colodny two, 4 units, Agoura. Langdon Family Homes, Los Angeles . HERRICK VILLAGE, Los Angeles . Bradley Village, Los Angeles . Chatsworth Aquaduct housing, Granda Hills. Wyandotte Homes, Van Nuys,. Burnet Village, Los Angeles . Sylmar Village, Los Angeles . Laurel Village, Los Angeles . River Road Village, Coronoa, . Hubbard Village, Los Angeles . Plummer Street Housing, Los Angeles . Reservoir St Housing Pomona .
For CALIFORNIA HOME BUILDERS 39 Unit Senior Housing Asotria, Sylmar. Dornfield I, 48 Unit Apt. Los Angeles. Dronfield II, 48 Unit Apt. Los Angeles. Pierce Street., 57 Unit Housing, Los Angeles. Roscoe Apts., 81 Unit Los Angeles.
For MWH Development Bloomfield Apts., 40 Unit Apartments, Los Angeles. Coldwater Apts., 20 Unit Apartments, Los Angeles. La Maida Apts., 48 Unit Apartments, Los Angeles.
For Southbrook Properties Vincennes 80 Unit Apt, Los Angeles.
For Advanced Development & Investment, Inc, . Glendale City Lights, 69 units, Glendale . Vassar City Lights, 73 units, Glendale. Harvard Apts., 40 units, Los Angeles CA. Malden Apartments, 36 Units, Los Angeles . Manitou Vista 2, 21 Units, Los Angeles. Menlo Park Apts, Los Angeles Mindanoa Apts., 26 units, Los Angeles.
For Chandler Partners Lankershim Apartments, 130 units, Los Angeles.
For Imani Fe L.P. Imani Fe I Apartments, 52 units, Los Angeles. Imani Fe II Apartments, 46 units, Los Angeles.
For Sunwest Plumbing Wilcox Hotel, 72 rooms, Hollywood. Gilbert Hotel, 72 rooms, Hollywood.
For Coastal Vision Inc. Topanga Canyon 119 Unit Apt., Los Angeles. Simi Valley detached homes, Agoura Hills.
For Raider Planning & Construction, Inc 8700 Glenoaks Blvd. Apts. 70 units, Los Angeles .
For KSIC, LLC Maplewood 20 Units Apts., Los Angeles.
For MARINA CONTRACTORS & DEVELOPERS INC Moorpark 52 Units, Los Angeles. Ridgeley 52 Units, Los Angeles.